Why would you want a  Field Trial Golden Retriever ?

Due to the Golden Retrievers excellent retrieving instincts the very first Goldens in Denmark were imported in the late fifties by breeders primarily for hunting. Goldens were in fact imported as hunting companions specialized in the retrieving of upland game birds and they were originally brought to Denmark because of a perceived need among Danish hunters for biddable working dogs with a tender mouth, a fine nose and stamina – dogs which could find and bring back wounded or dead game. In the sixties and the seventies the Golden became a very popular family dog, the breeding thus becoming focused on quantity and the making of show dogs. As a result of this line of breeding a Golden Retriever was made with no reference at all to the gundog that it originally emerged from. The result was a larger white-coated dog with the looks comparable to that of a polar bear. Fortunately there are still breeders around that bring honor to what the breed was once made to be; a gundog with excellent retrieving instincts and it’s therefore still possible to get a Golden Retriever with the skills and capabilities originally brought to this country.
A Field Trial Golden Retriever indicates that the Golden Retriever in question has been bred with great focus on the breed’s hunting abilities and that some or all of the dog’s ancestors have been field trialed. The Field Trial Golden is usually a more lean and agile individual and is known to be more willing to please than it’s more popular cousin; the show dog. The Field Trial Golden Retriever is known to be very eager to work and is likewise eager to please you and do your bidding. The more massively built showdog has a tendency to a more clumsy and heavyset stature and is not very suitable for a long day of hunting in a muddy field. A common feature of both dogs is that they are perfect family dogs and their friendly and loving behavior makes them suitable for a family with children. Goldens Retrievers are renowned for their gentle easygoing ways. They are happy, people-oriented dogs, patient with children and adaptable to new situations. They are friendly to a fault, always greeting people with a toothy smile and a wag – often carrying a toy or what ever comes in handy. They are most definitely not guard dogs since they greet every intruder as a personal member of the family. They do not do well in kennel environments because they crave plenty of human interaction to thrive.
The FT Golden Retriever breed is known for their  game finding ability, the quickness and directness of the retrieve. They are also known to enforce quick pickups and fast returns, they have an excellent natural nose, marking ability, control, drive and style. You will also find Golden Retrievers used as Agility dogs, Police dogs (narcotics) or Rescue dogs as well as a a Family dogs. The Golden Retriever’s desire to please makes it perfectly suited for all the above mentioned tasks. The FT Golden Retriever, however, is not bred to live a lazy life snoring away under the coffee table. This dog is a working dog and craves daily exercise as well as mental training. The mental training can be accomplished by using dummies to imitate a hunting scenario and to enforce the dogs natural interest in retrieving things. In Denmark you can attend courses made specially to develop the nature of the breed. The courses are conducted by : Danish Retriever Club (DRK) .
How do you choose a FT Golden Retriever ?
If you would like to get a dog with the above mentioned qualities and if you should want to use the dog as a gundog, you ought to get familiar with the pedigree of the dog in question and make sure that at least some or all of the ancestors have been Field Trialed or maybe even be FT winners / FT Champions. By assuring this you will most likely get a dog with the mental capacity of the Field Trial Golden Retriever. You will also most likely spend many happy hours of training your dog. And hopefully you will find, as we do, that by stimulating and training your dog to fully develop it’s natural born instinct – you will in return get a happier and more joyful dog.